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Maximum Performance

Fromulas developed for each usage

Foam Free Technology

Fuels with no Foam

Exclusive Additives

Inhibitors, Extreme pressure, Friction Modifiers.



    Oils: (Castor + Synthetic): 10%
    Nitromethane: From 5 to 30% according spec (*)
    Additives: Corrosion Inhibitor, Merlin Defoamer.

    Availability: HDPE 1 liter bottle.  2½ and 5 liter Metal can.

    Recommended Use: Expert is a universal use Fuel. Good for a  Hobby use, but with a good performance in Racing Purposes. Recommended for all kind of Glow engines, Boat, Car, Off-Road, Onroad. Can be also used in some glow Plane engines (preliminary test is advised).

     Download Merlin Expert TDS

    (*) Fuels contaning avobe 25% Nitromethane (measured in volume), are sold only out of EC, according to EC 948/2009 Regulation