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Originally developed to clean and protect bikes by our sister company Merlin Bike Care Smart Cleaner has proved an outstanding efficiency to clean and protect R/C models, specially Off-Road.


  • Article: Smart Cleaner RTU
    MB-100 Trigger Bottle  – RTU (Ready to use product)
    MB-105 RTU product refill – 5 liter Jerrican
    MB-110  Concentrated Smart Clean. 1 liter. This bottle makes 8 Trigger bottle units, mixin with water as shown in the label.

    Composition: Surfactants, detergents, corrosion inhibitors, siloxane waxes.



Car Model Cleaner, was specifically designed for On-Road cars, where it is specially effective to eliminate rest of foam tires. It was our very first cleaner born in 2007 and it is a reference in the market. It can be also used to degrease plastic parts, metal parts and more.

  • Article: Car Cleaner
    Ref: MA-180

    Composition: Special organic solvent, synthetic oil, Conductivity modifiers and antioxidants.

    Trading sizes: 1 and 5 liter plastic bottle.